Sickle Cell Advocacy and Management Initiative (SAMI) is a non-governmental organisation established in 2008 and registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission Incorporated Trustees Act (28806).

To create sustainable programs through creative, entrepreneurial, career, healthy living education tools for the sole purpose of developing the capacity of youths especially those living with sickle cell. This we do by holding various events and programs on various topics from leadership, relationship to  health, business and career talks



To have a society where sickle cell disorder is reduced, and people with sickle cell live healthy and productive lives.

How it started

It was founded by Ms Oluwatoyin Adesola, who also acts as the founding Executive Director. Ms Adesola went through the traumatic challenges of living with sickle cell all her life for over five decades, having experience over one hundred hospital admissions, fifty blood transfusion and five surgeries. She, therefore, understood what it is like to go through Sickle Cell disorder, a condition the World Health Organization has termed a traumatic disorder and public health problem. She, therefore, deemed it necessary to help those who may not be privileged, like her, to have reasonable medical attention, care and emotional support.

Why we exist

Have you ever accidentally hit your smallest toe against a hard object? Did you remember the sharp pain you felt? Have you accidentally slammed your car door against your small finger? Can you remember the pain you felt? Have you had this nagging headache that seemed like a sledge hammer is hitting your forehead? Can you remember how painful it was?

These pains you associate with these accidents or incidents are nothing compare to the pain they go through. Their pains are excruciating and may lead to deformity and sometimes death.

We are not talking about a soldier captured and tortured by the enemies; we are talking about those living with sickle cell anaemia disorder (SCD). These special blood people need extra attention and care. And that is why Sickle Cell Advocacy and Management Initiative was setup.

Managing Sickle cell

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