SAMI Launches Adopt a Sickle Cell Warriors Campaign – Sickle Cell Advocacy & Management Initiative

SAMI Launches Adopt a Sickle Cell Warriors Campaign

In an effort to provide adequate care for people with sickle cell, last year Sickle Cell Advocacy and Mgt Initiative (SAMI) decided to place some of its beneficiaries on Health Insurance through the support from benevolent people.

Read the story of Precious a warrior in her 20s with her 5month old baby, Amarachi. ( not real names)

Her PCV was very low. She obviously wasn’t feeding well, she lived on the mercy of neighbours, yet she had the motherly duty to Amarachi. Drugs? forget that, Precious couldn’t afford the basics. Plus she was suffering from an infection. That is exactly the condition we first met Precious and Amarachi (names changed). A friend introduced Precious to SAMI. Now she gets healthcare and support, she feels better now and could breastfeed her daughter comfortably.

Wait for this. At the cost of ZERO NAIRA to her. She couldn’t even believe that 😮 

People like Precious and Seyifunmi (in pic) a 6 years old warrior who suffered from stroke, have truly benefited from the support. As a result of this SAMI in an effort to extend her support to 50 beneficiaries by began a campaign to ADOPT A WARRIOR. With N50,000 we are able to put one warrior on HMO for a full year.

Support options were:
1. A one-off yearly payment
2. A monthly commitment of N5000
3. A quarterly commitment
4. Get a network of 2, 5, 10 friends to achieve the commitment

So far we have raised 1,075,000 for 21 warriors and we truly appreciate all those special people who were part of this. 

Would you join us to support 29 warriors and help us reach our target?

So whichever way, you can still join us to  ‘Adopt a Warrior‘. Please make life worth living for a warrior.

Support this project click here 


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