Touch a Cell Show

The TOUCH A CELL SHOW is an interactive radio and online edutainment series that aims to educate people sickle cell and families on, their rights, responsibilities and obligations as well as advocate on issues dealing with sickle cell. It brings together various people including professionals, people with sickle cell and parents, government officials to discuss pertinent issues surrounding sickle cell The aim is to give people with sickle cell a voice as well as to break the ignorance and stigma associated with the disorder.

The program currently runs every Weds at 7.00pm on Star 101.5 FM
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Better You Health Club

This is a co-curricular school project aimed at empowering children of secondary school age with requisite knowledge and awareness necessary for healthy living and lifestyle. The club outline entails subject areas like sickle cell disorder, basic healthcare, sex education amongst others.

It also prepares the children for the future by equipping them with personal development and mental health that can help make them weather life’s challenges.

The aim is to reduce misinformation and ignorance about sickle cell disorder by educating, engaging and mobilizing children of secondary school age for community impact as well as raise club Ambassadors who will in turn educate their peers and those around them on health issues especially those pertaining to sickle cell disorder.

SAMI is always looking for partnership in this project.

If you are interested in supporting, volunteering, facilitating or partnering do send a mail to with the header BETTER YOU HEALTH CLUB

Red Umbrella Walk

The awareness walk aimed at commemorating the day is said to the most massive charity walk gathering in Nigeria at the moment with over 2000 people in attendance and still growing.

In 2010, The United Nations declared June in 19 of every year to commemorate World Sickle Cell Day. As part of its efforts to raise and increase advocacy on sickle cell anaemia disorder SAMI in conjunction with the coalition of sickle cell NGOs in Nigeria holds an annual charity walk tagged the Red umbrella walk.