HELP!!! I NEED HELP!!! – Sickle Cell Advocacy & Management Initiative


The value of timely help for persons living with chronic diseases like sickle cell disorder cannot be quantified. That’s why having a support group matters in times of crises and out of it. The support group is not necessarily in the number but in the impact!

Who can help with a meal? Who can help get drugs? Who can take you to the hospital when needed? Who can help with some cash? These are some common needs that support groups come in handy for a person living with sickle cell disorder.

The needs are more and widely different depending on the person but help is required all the same.

A phone call, SMS or WhatsApp message to check out on their health has also proven to be very helpful. Many a time, these people go through untold emotional rejection, psychological dilemma, and mental stress. Reach out to express comfort, concern, and care!

It is also important for persons living with sickle cell disorder to always consciously build a support system around themselves any time they are in a new environment or embarking on a new venture that will take them out of their regular physical or mental state.

Sickle cell, by nature, is unpredictable. Always call for help.

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