SAMI TAKES TOUR OF LAGOS SCHOOLS FOR SICKLE – Sickle Cell Advocacy & Management Initiative


SAMI school awareness programme on sickle cell disease

School  Awareness on Sickle CellIn celebration of Sickle Cell Awareness Month, we took advantage of the month to ramp up our efforts at creating public awareness of sickle cell disease.

Consequently, we took to various parts of Lagos and did a tour of 5 secondary schools, one university campus, and a Parent Teachers Forum meeting. Through this, we managed to reach close to 1000 people within the month.

Our hope as we progress is to start Medical Hubs to reach out to medical professionals who will be able to provide the necessary care to sickle cell patients in their hospitals and other impact initiatives under the BETTER YOU HEALTH HUB project. We had two sessions for parents on “Health Education for Parents of Sickle Cell Children”.

Many of the participants were able to identify the importance of health education for their children. The participants were also inspired to establish a community-based parent organization to engage and support each other.

We say a big thank you to BOLD 247 FOUNDATION for their support of our logistics during the September Sickle Cell Awareness campaign.

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