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XTRA CARE Sickle Cell Clinic returns despite COVID

After a long break spanning over 4 months as occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic, our monthly XTRA CARE free medical clinic is back. The monthly clinic which usually serves to bridge a gap between the people living with sickle cell disorder and the hospitals provides the beneficiaries medical consultation, basic lab test, medications, counselling all for free.

For Sickle Cell Warriors to have regular health care, it is very crucial. However, the COVID-19 pandemic really affected this—the social distancing and lockdown policies to reduce contacting the virus limited such access to regular healthcare.

So, we had to first find a way around ensuring that our beneficiaries still benefitted from the free medications they usually received. This we did by scheduling them for non-crowded collections of medications in our office every week.  We then reorganized the once a month full-fledged clinic to be held three times a week, while practising COVID 19 safety rules. Thereby allowing our beneficiaries to not only have access to medications but also see a doctor and carry out the necessary lab tests for FREE.

The return has been widely applauded by the first batch of over 100 beneficiaries who have enjoyed free healthcare over the first four weeks (between July and August) of the clinic’s first month of resumption. Despite the challenges faced in getting medical personnel to be present during the week, more people are expected to be impacted in subsequent months.

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