XTRA CARE CLINIC is a free clinic for people with sickle cell. The free clinic currently runs every third Saturday of every month. The clinic aims to bridge the gap between the person(s) living with sickle cell and health providers.
We do this through the provision of free drugs, consultation and counselling. Where possible we refer people to hospitals for further treatment, especially for the underprivileged people living with Sickle Cell Disorder. Starting in 2014 with only 50 beneficiaries, we have reached over 600 people in its more than five years of existence with an average of 250 monthly in attendance and still growing.

One of the Greatest challenges with people with sickle cell is the financial hardship faced especially the inability to be self-sufficient due to lack of work or loss of job.

This sometimes causes them to not go to hospitals or even when they do they are unable to cope with their medical bill.

Project WRescue

Project WRescue seeks to assist in the little way we can in helping pay for medical tests, admission bills, minor surgeries etc. In the course of 18 months we have able to help over 50 people with varying medical needs. This we can only continue to do with your support an as the medical bills can be overwhelming. To support this project click the donate page send an email to support@sami-ng.org with the header WRESCUE for more enquiries or partnership

Adopt a Warrior Campaign

In an effort to reduce the financial burden for medical care faced by our beneficiaries, SAMI Established the Adopt a Warrior Campaign to put people on Health Insurance through ( Health Management Organisations). With an average of 50,000 minimum we can put a sickle cell on an HMO Plan. Support us by adopting one or more warriors annually can help not only reduce financial burden on healthcare but reduces the chances of death. To support this project, click the donate button or send an email to support@sami-ng.org with the header ADOPT A WARRIOR for more enquiries or partnership.

SAMI is also looking out for partnership with HMO organisations and health facilities in constantly finding ways to reduce health care cost.

Club Still Standing

is a young adult arm of Sickle Cell Advocacy and Management Initiative for youths/young adults, especially those living with sickle cell disorder.

Its vision is to empower, inspire, educate, motivate and change mindsets of youths, especially those living with sickle cell anaemia into creating a healthy lifestyle and a better future.

The Mission is to create sustainable programmes through creative, entrepreneurial, career, healthy living educative tools for the sole purpose of developing the capacity of youths, especially those living with sickle cell.

  • To build and develop a confident and positive mindset that can overcome any challenge/obstacle.
  • To provide an online platform where information can be disseminated, young people can learn from and organise support from each other.
  • To develop a community where we can network and build goodwill and healthier, positive relationships.
  • To hold seminars, workshops and masterclasses in the area of health education, skills acquisition, entrepreneurial and career development


One of the challenges we see among people with sickle cell especially orlder ones, is the ability to manage theier social/economic life. This in the end affects how they eat or take care of themselves resulting in repeated crises and health issues. Unfortunately, such issue tend to fall back on us and it becomes a repeated cycle. SAMI Empowerment Programmes seeks to support Sickle Cell Warriors to be self-sufficient, by providing refundable no interest seed grant to start or run an existing business back with training on monitoring from designated SAMI team.

SAMI is looking to partner with financial institutions and other organisations to help small to medium scale business run by sickle cell warriors to get proper trainings and even more grants. Do send an email to info@sami-ng.org with the header SEMP for more enquiries.