Our Mission

Sickle Cell Advocacy and Management Initiative (SAMI) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization in Lagos, Nigeria, that caters to persons living with sickle cell, most of whom are from low-income households, groups, and communities. 

It was registered under the Company Laws of Nigeria with the vision ‘to have a society where sickle cell disorder is reduced and people living with sickle cell and their families can live healthy, positive, and productive lives.’

Founded in 2008 by Toyin Adesola, a confectioner turned non-profit leader cum artist, the non-profit which served a single sickle cell warrior at inception has grown to more than 5000 beneficiaries directly and tens of thousands indirectly in the years gone by.

sickle cell advocacy and management initiative


Our programs and projects are set up with the intention to attain our overarching vision, ‘to have a society where sickle cell disorder is reduced and people living with sickle cell and their families are able to live healthy, positive, and productive lives.’

We reach the general community with advocacy, awareness, education, information, and counselling about sickle cell and allied matters. For those who already live with the condition, our programs are suited to provide physical and psychosocial support to make their lives worthwhile and impactful.

Our programs include XTRACARE, which focuses on the physical health and wellness of ‘warriors’ as we refer to people living with sickle cell disorder. The projects under Xtracare are the Xtracare Free Medical Clinic, Adopt A Warrior and Wrescue. Another program is the SAMI EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM tailored to meeting the social, economic, and psychosocial needs of people living with sickle cell. Its projects include Youth Employment Support Service to support those who are on the career path while SAMI Empowerment Accelerator is aimed at young warriors who desire success on the business/entrepreneurship path.

Our advocacy programs are BETTER YOU HEALTH OUTREACH which reaches both formal and informal communities with appropriate education about sickle cell disorder and TOUCH A CELL by which we avail ourselves the opportunity that the conventional and digital media provides. The SAMI CALL CENTER is a dedicated helpline for sickle cell information, advisory, genetic counselling, and general health management. 

It can be reached on 0904 000 2011


All our programs, projects, and activities are open for sponsorships, partnerships, grant support, in-kind donations, and other forms of donation. Whether big or small, we do not take your finances lightly and pledge ourselves to the ethics of accountability and transparency.