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Advocacy & Awareness

Touch a Cell Show

The TOUCH A CELL SHOW is an interactive radio and online edutainment series that aims to educate people with sickle cell and families on, their rights, responsibilities and obligations as well as advocate on issues dealing with sickle cell. It brings together various people including professionals, people with sickle cell and parents, and government officials to discuss pertinent issues surrounding sickle cell The aim is to give people with sickle cell a voice as well as to break the ignorance and stigma associated with the disorder.

The program currently runs every Weds at 7.00 pm on Star 101.5 FM

We are currently looking for sponsors and partnership if interested send a mail to

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Better You Health Hub

BETTER YOU HEALTH HUB is our advocacy and education project with the intent to develop and deploy champions propagating right, appropriate information to fit into our vision ‘to have a society where sickle cell disorder is reduced.


Often, during community outreaches, our interactions tend to be one-off which doesn’t allow for in-depth understanding and we can’t easily measure impact.

With BYHH, we target members of organized communities such as secondary schools, university campuses, medical guilds, business communities, trade unions, professional associations, social clubs, and other organized segments of society. It affords us the unique privilege to provide a robust, well-grounded knowledge of sickle cell to members of these organized communities. We expect that they will be able to replicate sickle cell awareness wherever, whenever.


In 2020, we were able to impact students of 4 government-owned secondary schools located in Surulere. In 2021, we reached 7 privately-owned secondary schools and 1 university campus.


This year, we will reach more school students. Plans are ongoing to work with members of the medical community including doctors and nurses in the Surulere axis.


* Printing of ‘My Genotype and I’ health education book for primary school pupils.

* Partnership with government school boards.

SAMI is always looking for partnerships in this project. If you are interested in supporting, volunteering, facilitating or partnering do send a mail to with the header BETTER YOU HEALTH HUB.

Management & Support


THE XTRA CARE SICKLE CELL FREE CLINIC is a free clinic for people with sickle cell.  The free clinic has been held every month from 2004 to date. The clinic’s aim is to bridge the gap between the person with sickle cell and health providers.

This we do through the provision of free drugs, consultation and counselling and where possible, we refer people to hospitals for further treatment, especially for underprivileged people living with Sickle Cell Disorder under our WRescue project (W- Warrior). 

Starting in 2014 with only 40 beneficiaries, we have reached over 10,000 people in over six years of existence with an average of 250 monthly attendance of people with Sickle Cell.


240 beneficiaries

605 beneficiaries

770 beneficiaries

1320 beneficiaries


1650 beneficiaries

2579 beneficiaries

 1225 beneficiaries

1320 beneficiaries

TOTAL – 10,584 impacted only at XTRA CARE
free monthly medical outreach.


With the turn of events in 2020, we have sought to ensure that parents and beneficiaries understand the need for proper health management and prompt first aid in order to ensure that financial risk involved in secondary health management is reduced to the barest minimum.

In this first quarter of 2022, we have so far affected about 546 people positively through the XTRACARE free monthly clinic and routine medication distribution.

We are on our way to ensuring that primary stakeholders (parents of children with sickle cell and persons living with sickle cell) become confident self advocates and strengthen the advocacy, awareness and support system already in place.


Over ₦4,000,000 was spent on 2195 individuals in 2021. Our support system can grow bigger and be better with you. 

Apart from financial donations, we also need the voluntary services of a robust and knowledgeable medical team (doctors, nurses, social workers, lab scientists, pharmacists, genetic counsellors, psychiatrists and psychologists, and physiologists,). 

We would also appreciate the voluntary services of diagnostic centres, pharmacies and hospitals that can partner with us on a monthly basis to provide emergency care for warriors in need of emergency care on the spot such as rehydration, further diagnosis etc for a day or two.

Financial donations can go into ​

GTBank: Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
SAMI XTRA CARE Medical Outreach

Zenith bank
SAMI XTRA CARE Medical Outreach